Lynx Spider

DescriptionLynx Spiders have long spines on slender legs. The spiders are usually shades of pale brown, light yellow, cream or green and some have stripes or blotches of darker colours down the back. The eyes are arranged into a hexagon. Lynx spiders ambush small insects on foliage and can jump to pounce on prey or escape from danger.Sizemost are small up to about 10mm


grass and bushes


insects such as flies and moths that it ambushes.


They build silk egg sacs in leaves


Probably harmless. Don’t seem to have much inclination to bite people.


Class: Arachnida

Order: Araneomorphae

Family: Oxyopidae

Genus: Oxyopes

Species: sp

Common Name:   Lynx Spider



2 thoughts on “Lynx Spider

    • Dear Steve, many thanks for your kind comment. Here in Malaysia we have many kind of beautiful spiders including Lynx which available throughout the year. I’ve visited the link as per your suggestion … wonderful moment indeed. Couldn’t imagine how this tiny creature did manage to prey on something as big as them.

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